End of Summer or is it?

Sometimes my life as Jane spills over into the blog, I hope you don’t mind that this is another one of those posts but I have been enjoying the last weeks of Ruby’s holidays far too much so work has been put on the back burner for a very good reason.  I adore summer but it always seems to be so fleeting, I have that melancholy hat on today that I want to shake off thank you very much.

I think it’s because I have a little one that summer seems to be pigeon holed into 6 weeks.   We cram in as much as we possibly can and carry on into September too but I don’t want to be reminded that Summer will be coming to a close very soon.   I’m not ready for all the brochures for Autumn clothes and percentages off items if you buy before 1st September.  I try to stop listening to those who have started talking about winter coats, frosty mornings and pumpkins and I don’t even want to think about wearing filled in shoes, horrid!!

Fountains Abbey

So over this last weekend we managed to stay with family who are busy renovating the most wonderful farm house in the Peak District, Derbyshire, hopefully to be ready for paying guests in Easter as a luxury B&B and holiday home.  Summer definitely was still on the agenda, we had the most wonderful time, squeezed in a couple of National Trust properties and gardens, ate wonderful food, drank good wine and relaxed.   I shall keep you updated about their progress as it will be the most perfect get away in the heart of the Peak District you could possibly imagine!

Robin Hood Farm


Images Page-016

On our return and after a good nights sleep we jumped into the car yet again and spent a glorious day at another National Trust favourite, Fountains Abbey, it really is a stunner.

Fountains Abbey

Fountains Abbey

Images taken at Robin Hood Farm B&B, Hardwick Hall, Eyam, Fountains Abbey

So I do hope you understand my current mood today because I’ve just been having far too much fun ….

One thought on “End of Summer or is it?

  1. I love Fountains Abbey – haven’t managed to go yet this year unfortunately. Nothing wrong with getting a bit more personal on the blog, I do that all the time and it’s nice to read about life behind the blog. I know what you mean about summer being too short, I’m absolutely not ready for Autumn yet and could really have another few months of warmth and sunshine… Hope you have a sunny weekend ahead xo


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