To Sit

Are you a three piece suite kind of person or do you prefer to mix and match?   I fall into the latter category, my living room is rather compact but I seem to have filled it with an array of chairs, a sofa and squeezed in a rather fabulous foot stool upholstered in air force blue ticking too.
To Sit-002
Choosing such items can be quite mind boggling when faced with the decision of what style sofa, leather or fabric, what kind of fabric, do those legs go with other pieces in the room and so on and so forth!   I’ve always wanted a squishy leather chair that will last a life time and age with us through the years so that was what I based the rest of my decisions on.   I adore my leather chair and it is starting to show those signs of wear that I wanted to achieve after 10 years.  The cushions and throws change on a regular basis, more often than not with the seasons.
Leather chair
A good way to go is to invest in a beautifully made armchair in a completely different fabric and style to the sofa, the theory being that you don’t have to change it but after a while could reupholster it when ever the time comes.  My sofa may get replaced one day as my tastes change, I really fancy a ravishing blue velvet one in a classic style with low arms and deep seats,  the blue spectrum seems to be pushing my buttons at the moment.
To Sit-001
A great place to start if you are setting up home is at John Lewis, the have everything you could possibly want all under one roof with an exceedingly good design services and customer service.
John Lewis

A selection from John Lewis

To Sit-003

Images here

The world really is your oyster when it comes to deciding on styles and looks have fun choosing, whether it be florals, grain sacks, ticking, leather, damask or velvet from Chesterfields, Gustavian to Ercol. Big cushions, bolsters, welsh blankets, cashmere throws to vintage quilts the choice is completely yours.

Jane x

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