To be Outside

As soon as the summer holidays begin, the sun is at it’s warmest and even with the odd rain shower I like to be outside as much as I possibly can.  I must admit my little plot is rather bijou but I cram it full of all the things I like and the chickens don’t complain either.   We have vintage furniture to lounge on and sometimes Ruby’s tent makes an outing, it just about fits.  Every window and door is flung open to bring more of the outside in including bugs and beasties!!

I dream of more space, somewhere a little warmer than the North East maybe, somewhere where an outside shower could be installed, a field for a wild flower meadow to host outside dinner parties.  Maybe a veranda to be able enjoy the elements at any time of the year.

To be Outside

To be Outside-001

I have a love affair with camping, packing the car up to the gunnels and ptiching the tent somewhere grand, life doesn’t get much better than that.   How marvellous it would be to have the space to camp out in your own garden, to construct your own abode from blankets and eiderdowns under the trees to sleep under the stars.

To be Outside-002

To be Outside-003

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Embrace the outdoors while the sun shines, have a super weekend.

Jane x

4 thoughts on “To be Outside

  1. You make it all sound so lovely and romantic and I’m really tempted to pack my tent now – despite the fact that I hate camping. I could do glamping? ;-) Hope have a wonderful and relaxed weekend xo


    1. I’m off camping next week, there are pros and cons, I try not think about the cons and fill the tent with lovely. I most definitely glamp nothing utilitarian in my set up!



  2. I’ve got one word that sums up what you’re looking for Jane…..Queensland. The sun shines most of the year round. Even when it’s raining it’s lovely. Camping in our wild though has way more bugs and beasties – ah, there’s always a trade off. xx


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