To Tile

I have tiles in the places you expect to have them, in the kitchen and bathroom.  The ones in  my bathroom are horrid, white square and functional, I didn’t put them up.  The previous owner didn’t understand the word straight but we live with them none the less, due to their whiteness they disappear.   The kitchen tiles I was responsible for, fired earth lovelies, I got a bit giddy going to one of their shops to choose, the myriad of choice was overwhelming but choose I did and I’m still pleased 8 years later!

To Tile

To Tile

As you have probably gathered I like tiles, the feel of one that has been hand made, the texture, the glaze the pattern design, the process that  is applied to make one.

To Tile

If I were to be designing my bathroom from scratch I may opt for a fabulous Neisha Crosland floor tile her designs are timeless.   Or maybe a plain slate floor with delft tile sink splash backs!   I think  I would find it extremely hard to make that choice.

Neisha Crosland

Images ~ here

To Tile Images

I have a special tile just resting there in my kitchen bought in memory of my mother in law who I miss dearly.  I also use them as coasters or to stand the odd wine bottle on.


Don’t discard the humble tile as a mere functional object, just stop and look and see how beautiful they can be, from plain to shiny, oblong to square, metro to retro, floral to geometric, highly patterned to hand painted, leather to lino.

I just love tiles!

Jane x

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