Selina, Selina

Two posts that follow on from each other is a first for me as my mind normally takes me to all sorts of places that bear no resemblance to one and another one little bit.   Last week however I told you of a jolly jaunt I was embarking on, this week I shall fill you in on the delightful details.

I had the best weekend, another one to add to the memory bank of happy days.  Sometimes you have to pinch yourself that you are really doing these things and to drink it all in.  Vicky (The Vintage Drawer), Marna (Little A Designs) and I (well you know who I am) seemed to not stop laughing all weekend.  I adore these girls with all my heart, I’m one lucky gal to have them as my dear friends.  Another highlight for me was spending some quality time with Sarah~Louise of Lapin Blu I love this lady so!

Selina Selina

The day itself was just super, the sun shone in Kingston for Selina’s Handmade & Vintage Summer Fete, the Market House sparkled with a myriad of the most amazing stalls.   I’m not going to ramble on about each and everyone as we’ll be here all day but one thing that I can say is that if you weren’t there then you missed a visual treat.

Selina Selina

Selina Selina

I tried my hardest to take some pictures but always seem to get side tracked as I end up bumping into someone to talk to, so here goes, some of my favourites including these wonderfully talented lot Wild Willow, Winters Moon, Nicholas & Steele (Holly you are a star), Cheryl~Ann Taylor, Vintage Style Hire, Little A Designs, Elsie & Violet (Fiona Humberstone) and of course The Linen Garden

Selina Selina

Selina Selina

Selina Selina

It was a delight spending time making new friends, finally catching up with virtual friends (Carole Poirot and Kate Fletcher being two of them, oh my goodness me!) I enjoyed every moment.

and of course I came home with a few memento’s ….

Selina Selina

Here are some more of the super talented folk that I didn’t manage to photograph …

Folly & Glee

Bodie & Fou

Leah Halliday

Nicky Grace Vintage Fabric & Gorgeous Things

Hens Teeth

Anna Wiscombe

Gil Fox

Go have a mooch I dare you not to spend some pennies!

Jane x

3 thoughts on “Selina, Selina

  1. You’ve captured so many lovely details! I know what you mean about being constantly sidetracked, it was hard to concentrate on individual things, but these look great. Thanks for the mention, it was great to meet you and I had such a laugh. Have a lovely weekend xo


  2. Your photos are so beautiful Jane. It was such a lovely day wasn’t it. Just perfect in every way. Sorry I didn’t get to say bye, we were out getting the car and you were gone when we came back. Thanks for the mention and have a good weekend XXX


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