Natural Elements

My home has some how become a mix match of all sorts of styles and kind of works well, for me any how.  I don’t have one specific theme running through the decor but I am quite partial to natural elements, I have a few dotted around but maybe if I had the chance to start again with a blank canvas the natural look would possibly take on a more prominent role.



I find myself quite drawn to the pared back muted tones from the chalky whites to the deeper greys, slubby linens and felted wool, lime bleached floorboards, scrubbed wood, battered leather to natural floor coverings such as seagrass and coir.

Natural Elements

Natural Elements

Images from here

If like me you can’t start from scratch but want to add an element of nature to your interior look no further than Hannah Brown Interiors.  Hannah creates some rather wonderful framed artwork using natural materials from sea fans to microscope slides, grouped together would make a  quirky display.

Hannah Brown ~ Framed Sea Fan

Hannah Brown ~ Frame Microscope Slides

Hannah also has a love for textiles, her felt wool cushions in earthy tones being my favourites.

I also find inspiration in books, The Natural Home by Hans Blomquist is exquisite.

This one is on my wish list, I dare say it won’t be long before I have it in my possession.

If you live near Hove then the girls behind this beautiful book run an equally beautiful store, i gigi general store to be exact.  It’s a one stop shop that will be able to transform your interior to a natural wonder.

i gigi general store

Images from here

In their words:

“i gigi General Store is a haven of beautiful gifts and unique pieces for your home. With its calm, welcoming atmosphere you can browse at your leisure or do some serious shopping. The muted, earthy colour palette is chic and modern and yet utterly timeless allowing all our pieces to fit seamlessly into any home.”

For now I can only indulge in the book but one day look out Hove!!

Jane x

8 thoughts on “Natural Elements

  1. I’ve always liked the natural/neutral touch and have a lot of linen, cotton, wool, wood at home. However, just like in your home, I have lots of different mismatched things which don’t all subscribe to the same style. It’s what makes my home mine and actually the way I like it :-) Have a lovely weekend xo


  2. I try to bring some more colours in my home but, as with my clothes, mostly end up with neutrals, linen and wool! Though I’ ve made a good start with my china ;-) Have a nice weekend, Anita xo


    1. My house is rather colourful, I have a few spots that neutrals dominate but I have natural bits and bobs all over the place. I’m a mismatch kind of girl Anita xx


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