Time Out ….

Sometimes after a beautiful relaxing break a cacophony of incidents comes and bites you on the bum when least expected.  These are the sorts of days I endured last week, loosing my purse and having money stolen being one of them.

This week I have been playing catch up, trying to gain some order of calm through the choppy sea and hopefully quelling that swell.  Unfortunately my usual post  didn’t pass the post hence this one being penned in its place.

These are a few images that brought me a moment or two of calm before fighting these darn waves again.




Because this little fish made me smile

Until next week have a good weekend and don’t forget to spoil your Dad where ever they may be ….

Jane x

7 thoughts on “Time Out ….

  1. Oh no! Losing your purse (hopefully it wasn’t too much money?) is really crap! Hope your weekend will be muuuuch better than your week. Have a good weekend xo

    PS: Love the plate in the first picture :-)


    1. It was crappity crap Carole! They stole £250 from Ruby’s savings account but it’s all sorted now after talking to fraud personnel and police interviews!! This weekend is going to be much better, I’m counting the hours to open that bottle of wine!!


      PS That plate is a stunner x


  2. Some people are just hideously dishonest and disrespectful. I hope calm has been restored darling lady.
    Happy weekend with your loved ones x x


  3. So sorry to hear what happened to you. Thank you so much for comforting us – and you, hopefully – with these wonderful photographs! I love reading you and enjoy your exquisite choice of pictures!


  4. We have these rocky bad days so that we appreciate all the good ones and do not take them for granted. Hoping you have more good ones to share, but sharing the bad can help others as well.


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