Time to Play ….

Last week I did just that, had time to play.   We packed the car up and drove to Suffolk, how I love it so.   It is to me the best place in the world.  Mr Day and I plotted and planned on this break to the point we have decided when Ruby is grown a little, Suffolk is the place where we will spend our golden years.

We 3

Cissy's Cottage

I digress, we had the privilege of staying here, oh my it was lovely – the walks on the doorstep where breathtaking, a hidden bluebell wood was discovered; I’ve never seen anything like it.

Cissy's Cottage

The seaside a stones throw away was enjoyed on a sunny day, Southwold for it’s pretty beach huts and splendid grandeur and Aldeburgh for shingles and sublime High Street.



Walberswick: a true gem of a village with sand dunes and a village green; we lost our hearts a little here.



Every village you pass by is filled with beautiful architecture, history and jaw dropping beauty.   A farm shop every few miles, vineyards, antique shops that made me go a little giddy!


I took this book away with me to read.  I came across this beautiful house (page 59 ~69) and realised it was just a short journey from where we were staying, I couldn’t resist a visit.  It is the home of antiques dealer Doris Urquhart, what a lovely lady she is I was ever so pleased to have met her.   I brought home a little 19th Century watercolour souvenir to remember my visit by, we have named him Barnaby!


We arrived home with heavy hearts a car full of treasure including plants for the garden and many a happy memory.

Do you bring trinkets and treasure home with you from your holidays?

Jane x

7 thoughts on “Time to Play ….

  1. Love Aldeburgh, I can see why you would want to live in Suffolk, it seems to have retained its old fashioned charm. Lovely, just lovely photos Jane x


  2. Came across your blog after doing a Search on Southwold. Such a lovely part of the world. Great photos and made me feel very nostalgic. Think I will have to pack up my family sometime soon and head back in that direction!!!


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