To Curtain or not to Curtain, that is the question? …

Over time from moving into our humble abode, the window treatments came along one by one when we had saved enough pennies to purchase them.  I have a myriad of styles from full on damask curtains hung from beautiful wooden poles to a few Roman blinds, ticking stripes seem to win out in the pattern stakes.   One end of the kitchen has a humble Venetian blind (really would like to change this!) and in the bathroom hangs a very fine crisp white muslin sheet to spare our blushes.

After 10 years your styles change, you find out what you really like and what you would love to change.  These are a few of my curtain inspirations from sweet faded florals, to pelmets and vintage linens I love them all ….

To Curtain or Not to Curtain-002

All Images Above ~ Kate Forman Design

Linens & Lace

Curtain Love Images Above ~ Pinterest 

I love my home and would find it hard to leave, even though I do dream of being out in the country (no neighbours other than sheep!)   So in  my head I have plans of the architectural kind, an oak framed extension onto the back of the house increasing our downstairs space.   We are a very sociable unit we three and love being in the same space together.  To have another room opening out the kitchen and living room would be ideal.  Light being a premium I would maximise this to the hilt with VELUX® roof windows, the choice of blinds from the VELUX Shop to complement their roof windows is extensive, personally I quite like their pleated blinds.   To be able to have fun redressing every window would be sublime.

Another clever way of curtaining a  roof window especially in a bedroom is like this from Vanessa Artbuthnott

Sometimes just daring to bare works equally well.   We spent an idyllic holiday here a few years ago, a beautiful 19th Century restored barn near Hay on Wye.  The simple en suite bathroom was situated up in the eaves and whilst relaxing in the fabulously large bath you could watch the clouds/stars through the roof light, pure bliss!

The Peren

Images from ~ The Peren

Do let me know what your current curtain/window persuasion is, I do love everyone’s differing tastes ….

Jane x

*This post is sponsored by VELUX*

2 thoughts on “To Curtain or not to Curtain, that is the question? …

  1. I always believed that I am one of those modern women who couldn’t be bothered with curtains. Just give me blinds or even nothing I always said. Now though that I am older I find that curtains have a certain charm and adds different moods to a room. My grandmother used to make her own curtains and every season her home would be completely transformed by simply hanging up new curtains. Now I wish I had paid more attention. There is a site that offers curtains and blinds with the added benefit of making a home more energy efficient which I think are just as important as the aesthetics of any home.


  2. I love curtains for in the lounge and bedroom but I think that blinds have their place too, especially in bathrooms and the kitchen. I recently got a pair of stunning kitchen blinds complete with a teacup print and they’ve made the room feel completely new!


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