I didn’t think I was that much of a floral girl  but it crept up on me over the years.  Maybe it has been due to tending my own garden and filling it with my favourite flowers, or not being able to resist all the ditsy flowery dresses for Ruby when she was small, either way I love floral!

I am very chameleon like mind you; I also get giddy at the thought of ticking, pale linens, white walls but there is always a flower of some sort just there in the corner of your eye.

You can wear them ….

To Wear

You can pile them up ….

To Pile

You can cover furniture in them ….

To Cover

Hang them on walls ….

To Hang

Whether it be a simple stem to a full bouquet, the world is your florally oyster ….

Jane x

7 thoughts on “Floral

  1. I like florals – in small doses. Flowers in the house, maybe a cushion, painting, or table cloth, but I couldn’t go completely floral all over – pattern-overload ;-) Have a lovely weekend xo


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