The Twinings Effect ….

Everyone loves a cup of tea don’t they?  Well I sure know I do, even more than the lovely little cups I happen to drink it out of.  I was kindly asked by Twinings to write a post about their tea, of course said I and waited for my tea samples to arrive!

Twinings Tea

Twinings Tea

On a day to day basis I’m an English Breakfast Tea kind of gal but I am quite partial to other blends depending on the mood I’m in when I reach for the kettle.

Twinings Breakfast Tea

What fascinates me about Twinings is the history behind the 300 year old brand, you don’t often think about these things first thing on a morning when you take your first sip, but the likes of Jane Austen and Charles II were huge fans.

Image ~ Pinterest

Sometimes you need a boost of pure refreshing goodness and Green tea always hits that spot to revive and relax.

Twinings Green Tea

Earl Grey is a Sunday afternoon cup of love, delicate and inviting, just right to have whilst curling up in a comfy armchair and a favourite book.

Twinings Tea

Other times, Assam with it’s  bold strong flavours is the only thing that can get you through the day.  A cup for 10 o’clocks with a big slice of something delicious to keep you going when working away is just the ticket.

Twinings Assam Tea

After all the this talk about tea, I’m off to make myself a pot, now which one do I choose, decisions, decisions.

Image ~ Pinterest

If you are a Twinings devourer let me know which one you adore the most: be it fruity and herbal to proper builders, I’m intrigued?

Jane x

10 thoughts on “The Twinings Effect ….

  1. Lovely posy and beautiful photos. English breakfast tea or Earl Grey if I’m out but at home I only drink ‘Camomile honey and vanilla’ with soya milk and sweeteners. xx


  2. Mmm, since I’m trying to drink less coffee, I’ve really taken to tea (it’s still cold outside, so I need something warming) and I do like Twinings. They used to have a Echinacea and Raspberry tea which I really liked, but I don’t seem to be able to find that one anymore… Their Chai is great though ;-) Have a lovely weekend xo


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