Fields of Clover ….

My life as Tea with Ruby takes different turns, as one door closes another one opens, it seems to be so organic and a good place to be.

I have recently been asked by a local florist  to help with the redesign of her shop, small steps are being taken at the moment but hopefully with a little vision I will make it the shop to go to for miles around.

The shop has lost its way of late but I am working on getting the passion back, rejuvenating the love of flowers and streamlining the products so that everything revolves around the blooms, from the overall display down to the vessels to place them in and everything in between.

Images play a  big part in my work, these boards are a small early glance at where my ideas are going ….

Clover Clover Clover

With a little help from :  Madamoiselle Poirot, Lotte & Bloom, Martin & The Magpie and my trusty friend Pinterest.

Happy weekend everyone, go and treat yourself to a bundle of flowers from a local florist and enjoy!

Jane x

12 thoughts on “Fields of Clover ….

  1. What a perfect thing to be asked to do !!! I’m sure you’ll make it lovely. You’ve got such a good eye, you can let your imagination run away with you. x


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