The Goose is Getting Fat ….

…or so the saying goes, but this goose is lean and fabulous: Goose Home & Garden.

I have a love of simplicity, beautiful things for the home, quirky finds, beautiful imagery and you get all this when you visit Goose Home & Garden.  I am an avid viewer of this fabulous place and wish with all my heart that I lived a stones throw away from Shoreham by Sea to visit and spend an afternoon nattering to Sarah the wonderful owner of this magnificent establishment.

Goose Home & Garden

Goose Home & Garden

Goose Home & Garden

Garden Home & Garden

Goose Home & Garden

Goose Home & Garden

My husband bought me a lovely Christmas gift from them, I adore my patisserie tins which have been happily glowing beautifully in the evenings with flickering tea lights around my home.

My Tins

This Image ~ Tea with Ruby

If you happen to be near Eridge Park, Kent on the 16th May I would recommend spending a happy couple of hours browsing the stalls at the Decorative Living Fair organised by Caroline Zoob, Goose Home & Gardens will be there with their award winning stand.

Goose Home & Garden

All Images ~ Goose Home & Garden ~ Facebook

Jane x

4 thoughts on “The Goose is Getting Fat ….

  1. I second all of this! I am lucky enough to live near Shoreham, and to know Sarah – she is without a doubt one of the nicest ladies in vintage! x


  2. Such a great collection of Sarah’s wonderful finds and beautiful images. I think it’s just as well it’s so far away. Far too much temptation. Despite the miles, there are quite a few Goose bits and pieces up in the north-east already and I’m sure there’ll be more! x


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