Books, Books & Books

My Christmas list (yes I still write one at the ripe old age of 38) is looking a bit threadbare this year.   I can honestly say my life has been enriched enough this past year with wonderful new friends and the odd car boot find that I have no need for much.   I sat pen in hand hovering over the page for what seemed like an age and all I could come up with was books and the obligatory bottle of Chanel No 5!

I have my health, my family and friends and the house is going to start looking resplendent in the next week with decorations and the heady aromas of festive cooking.  The holidays are nearly here so if my list is a little sparse so be it.  I will be happy with cuddles and laughter all wrapped up together and the warm glow that will arise watching Ruby open her gifts on Christmas morning.

Just in case you were wondering what books are on the list, here you go ….

Jane x

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