Camp or Glamp?

I was introduced to camping over 10 years ago now by my husband; an activity he has done all his life and one that I had not.  The hilarity it caused at the time was at my expense as my reputation seemed to equate to me not being a camping kind of gal!

Oh to silence those sceptics, 10 years down the track and I have been living in a tent on holidays every year since.  We started as a couple in a tiny 2 man tent, upgraded to a family sized version when Ruby came along and a week or so ago decided to throw caution to the wind along, with our savings, and invest in a brand spanking new version that will suit our  changing camping ways.

Yes there are pros and cons to all things outdoors; the weather can be a bugger especially when putting up and taking down your holiday home.  The rest is far more pleasing. I don’t just camp, I glamp!!

No utilitarian straight laced camping gear enters the vicinity!  Well apart from the cooker and an led lantern.  The rest is camping chic from lovely rugs, spotty chairs, Cath Kidston glassware, eiderdowns, Claire Nicholson cushions, oil cloths to hide tables, vases of flowers and so on.

Meet the Beast, an apt name for our new abode!

A new purchase or two has been made to make it even more homely

Image ~ Just a Joy

Vintage Cushion ~ Clare Nicolson

My Trusty Rugs ~ Atlantic Blanket Company

Here are a few snaps of last years shenanigans on our farm in Wiltshire, a true home from home, I adore it so.

Jane x

4 thoughts on “Camp or Glamp?

  1. Very glamorous camping! I love to camp. My favourite is to cycle from place to place with (very small) tent and all the necessary equipment on my bike! So liberating to have so few things with you…..


    1. Oh Dorothy I take far too much stuff much to my husbands annoyance! Wish I could be minimal but trying to go from place to place wit Ruby and a tent may be a tad difficult! xx


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