A Concept of Sorts Featuring the Little Teacup ….

My little shop came from a little seed planted many, many months ago, to hire china is one thing but to sell is another, I would love to have a small village shop full to the brim of lovely but that will continue to be a dream for a while.   I digress, back to the thought and concept of why I came to launch Parcels of Pretty.

I like to collect things; mainly, but not always china related.  When I started building up the hire collection I found the true excitement lay in finding the perfect item buried beneath other unloved items; finally getting a trained eye to what is good or not.  This continues to this day being able to walk away with a true gem, taking it home, lovingly cleaning it up making it into the item it once was many moons ago.  I also take great pleasure in finding out a little bit about the make, where it came from and especially how old it is; the pieces that date to the roaring 20’s make my heart skip a beat.

I know that not everyone has the time or the inclination to go a ‘booting’ so the idea of Parcels of Pretty was born.  To take that unloved teacup wrapped in yesterdays newspaper or 3rd hand bubble wrap, cleaning it paying it some attention taking the time to find out it’s age and giving it a name, taking its portrait photo, wrapping it gently in tissue paper, placing it in a beautiful recycled box and finishing it off with a bow.

A perfect gift all done for you, no research needed, no car boot trawling, no ebay searching, no auction defeats, no items not as described, no cleaning to be done, no wrapping paper or ribbon to be bought, just one transaction and a parcel of pretty arrives.   A parcel perfect for your Mum, Aunty, Girlfriend, Bridesmaid, Birthday, Christmas, Wedding, Mothers Day, just because you feel like it day!

Who doesn’t like drinking tea from a china cup? Even nicer when it’s been given with love.

Jane x

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