Jubilee Blue

I wrote this post a while ago but with up and coming Jubilee celebrations this weekend I thought that it would be a good one to use.  Well it does loosely mention one of the obligatory colours in the flag we will all be waving at the weekend!

Are you passionate about one particular colour or item in your possession that sparks an idea of solely using that palette as an overall theme?

Take for instance blue and white and the current falling back into fashion of willow pattern. You either love it or hate it but personally I am in the rather do quite like camp. It conjures up many a happy memory of having tea at my grandparents when I was a girl. Sentimentality aside an overall blue and white palette creates an uncomplicated crisp and fresh feel to any scheme.

Maybe a splash of red or mustard yellow tones by adding an odd flower or ribbon bringing a touch of patriotism especially with the up and coming Jubilee celebrations taking place this weekend. What a perfect time to introduce such colours.


Dotting blue flowers in a floral arrangement, azure 50’s inspired dresses, crisp white table linen, lace table runners, each setting with blue and white china, blue bottles filled with blooms even down to wearing blue shoes with a fabulous frock.



The world is your oyster or so they say, be bold, be blue and have a fabulous weekend full of jubilant celebrations!

Jane x

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