To Sell my Wares?

Is there a place out there for me and my wares?

Time gets carefully spent plotting and planning, researching and a little bit more researching which is rather a long process or so it seems.

I like recycling, making things sparkle again, photographs, Polaroids, creating postcards, images, ribbon, simple clean lined pretty packages.

I believe whole heartedly in my little business. I want it to be nurtured, evolve and grow, loved and appreciated by you all. So in the coming weeks I shall be opening the online doors to my little shop so you can all have a piece of Tea with Ruby to treasure too.

Spreading a little teacup happiness wherever I go.

Jane x

7 thoughts on “To Sell my Wares?

    1. Hello B,

      It is rather, glad you would like to peruse my wares! Just hope it works fingers crossed. My pretty postcards are for sale already on facebook if you would like a pack!



  1. Oh that is exciting! I can’t wait to have a browse around your online shop, I have a feeling it’s going to be wonderful. x


    1. Thank you so much Emma! I do hope you like it, I shall be starting small to test the waters, then who knows the worlds my oyster as they say.



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