The Rain, The Village Hall & The Wedding Institute

Sunday the 29th April was cold grey and very wet indeed.  Stood at the stained glass panelled doors of the village hall with nervous trepidation, hand on shiny brass handle.  With one motion we entered the room and were transported, rather Narnia like, to another world; a colour explosion of sunshiny goodness all combining in a coherent wave of loveliness.

I was most proud of my booth, the whole day spent with friends with the same passions and goals, simply marvellous.  Rather than me ramble on in fine detail about every movement made I am going to let the Tea with Ruby images take centre stage today; our take on a most wonderful day.

Now the Wedding Institute planning hats are set to be worn once more to organise the next one, bigger and better?  Of course it will be!

Jane x

PS ~ Did you know that Tea with Ruby Postcards of Pretty are now available for sale,. Pop over to Facebook to buy a bundle or leave a comment below and I’ll forward you details, most exciting!

4 thoughts on “The Rain, The Village Hall & The Wedding Institute

  1. Hey….loved the photo of Princess Ruby…don’t we all remember our own toothless grin pics from a bygone age?
    Glad to hear you had a lovely, but tiring, time. I do a couple of wedding expos here in Oz – your feet thank you when you get in the car to come home. Your village hall looks much more atmospheric and cosy than on our community centre hall – all that leadlight and timber panelling – we have to move the basketball hoop to one side.

    Big hugs xox


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