The Sun did Shineth …

Sunshine is a happy thing,  you can fling open the doors and spend all day outside and that’s exactly what I did.  I packed away worries and unpacked the ‘what will be will be’  motto, took deep breaths and found total enjoyment hidden under the winter jumpers.

The sun did shineth and so did I  …

Ruby and I crafted to our heart’s content, creating a flower garden for her Easter Egg competition at school.

With new vigour I have put together a selection of oh so pretty tea trios ready for their new adventure as parcels of pretty.   My thinking cap is well and truly fastened on tight, I have been beavering away sourcing every element from boxes to packaging.  I am so excited I can’t begin to tell you, would you like to have a peek?

May the sun shine all week long, I have a fair to rummage around this weekend so it would be rather fine and dandy if it continues, you never know I may see you there !

Jane x

2 thoughts on “The Sun did Shineth …

  1. As you warm up we start to feel a nip in the air at night. The days are still lovely and warm but the nights are requiring that extra bit of cover before the thick fluffy duvet is finally back on the bed.

    Good to hear the Days over there are finally getting lovely and warm again.

    Love to all x

    PS Grand photos lass.


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