Time to Think ….

I somehow managed to find myself in a place that I wasn’t quite over keen on this week.   I dare say most people trying to set up a new business have days or weeks like these, I couldn’t see the wood for the trees.  I seemed to have misplaced my rose tinted spectacles, probably down the back of the sofa.

Due to the nature of this moment I did a lot of things to heal the soul such as concocting comfort food, drinking tea and partaking in cake baking.

Mothers Day was a treat too, spending the whole day with Ruby and Mr Day, pottering about purchasing plants for the new cottage flower bed in our garden.

Sadly last year our fence fell down that had been covered in ivy, a new fence took its place looking rather brash but hopefully come summer the newly planted rambling roses will clamber away  stealing the show.  Frothy fronds of cow parsley, peachy foxglove spires  and other such lovelies will be a haven for bees and butterflies making my heart sing.

As I write this I am feeling much better my vision slightly clearer about taking the next step with Tea with Ruby, new plans for exciting adventures are starting to take shape.  I dare say my business adventure will evolve and turn into something remarkably different in the future but for now I shall keep my head held high and strive on.

Jane x

6 thoughts on “Time to Think ….

  1. Ahhh, that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling this week too. Follies is looking lovely but has been quiet & I could really do with being at home this week. Thanks for sharing Lx


    1. How dare Follies be quiet, if I were closer I’d be round now having a cup of tea with you and putting the world to rights! Chin up my lovely xx


  2. Persevere through the bad times my lovely…we all have days like these when we think ‘is it all worth it?’ The bad days make the good days even better.
    Also, my business evolves constantly and I let it go with the flow…I think I would be a fool not to. I am so excited to see how Tea with Ruby evolves in the future and I will be here every step of the way xxxxxxxxx


    1. It’s so good that I know I have friends like you Sarah and I love you for it. I’m not going to be beaten Tea with Ruby is something special and it will shine xx


  3. Keep going Jane! I think times like this go with the territory when you have your own business! I certainly have days like that too…. When it happens I remind myself how much I love what I do, what great feedback we’ve had from our lovely customers and how I love being my own boss…

    Like you, I know that my business will evolve and for me that’s part of the exciting adventure we’re on! I’m looking forward to seeing how my business and yours change over the years. In the meantime, enjoy the comfort food and cake baking! And if you’ve any spare cake…..


    1. Dorothy thank you very much for you lovely comment. It means an awful lot having support from marvellous people just like you. There is always a slice of cake here for you x


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