All Things Green

A few sunny days with a nip in the air, tête à tête nodding their bright little heads in the garden, I do believe Spring is trying to make an appearance.  I have a love of green, it has managed to sneak up on me without noticing but if I look around I have many shades of vert dotted about our home.  Green is Mr Day’s favourite colour too so lucky him!

I came across a little gem of a tea trio at a table top sale (my favourite kind) it so happens to be the colour in question, purchased for a pound, not bad said I. This tea trio isn’t for hire oh no, it will be safely stored away for another venture I am plotting and planning at the moment, would you spend your pennies on a parcel of pretty from Tea with Ruby?  I shall reveal more when the right moment arises but until then I shall leave you to marvel in all things green …

Farrow & Ball Paint Samples

One more morsel before I depart,  did you know that Tea with Ruby is a fully paid up member of The Wedding Institute?  An exhibitor and contributor of ponderings on its super duper blog.

No I hear you say?  Well do drop in next week for ‘a slice of uniqueness and a cup of originality‘  The Wedding Institutes words not mine and go a wandering down the avenue to the village hall.

Jane x

3 thoughts on “All Things Green

  1. As always, another fabulous post – I love the green theme & all the beautiful china….but most of all I would love one of the old fashioned Roberts radios!

    I also have some shades of green that have sprouted up in the house recently…..our little seeds that have been in pots of the windowsill awaiting the new greenhouse!


    1. Now I’m jealous, you’re getting a greenhouse!! I don’t have room which is just rubbish, it’s a greenhouse or the chickens! I love gardening too, we do grow things from seed on window ledges too. I shall just have to get my greenhouse fix from watching gardeners world, sad but true xx


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