Being 7 & Bowes

It was a big day this Monday just gone, my Ruby turned 7!

Lucky for her, and a hip hip hooray, the school had an extra days holiday so as a happy band of 3 we took ourselves off to the beach for a while and had some fun.  Not even the grey brooding skies and chilly wind could diminish our enthusiasm.

Of course, take me anywhere and I stumble across a shop of some sort selling fabulous wares, and lucky for me the utterly delectable Wild Hart (that of York fame) has a store just by the sea at Sandsend.

I came away with candles and a new tea towel; a girl can never have too many of either or maybe that’s just me!  I like having pretty linen to dry my pots with and this one is no exception designed by Julie Dodsworth.

My coat pocket gathered a few white pebbles too à la Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give.  I have a jam jar in the bathroom where they live.

White pebbles aside, another adventure to be taken in a few weeks time will be taking place here, the inspiration being this majestic lady.

and on that note I shall say adieu for another week but leave you with some snippets of something else I am pondering over that seem to have taken over my kitchen table.

Jane x

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