Sherry Soiree, Deliveries & Making

Oh the fun I had last Friday evening at a Sherry Soiree quaffing fizz and laughing until my sides hurt.  A gathering  of extremely talented people all in one room to view the images of the  Amaryllis and Lace and Rigwood Manor shoot that my little teaspoons and sugar tongs had the honour of playing a part in.  Vicky Trainor and Becky Mitchell have created a  rather unique and equally stunning set of images that have been released nationally this week here and here and soon to go internationally over the pond!

The ever so talented two who I love dearly

 Oh, and if you must; me and my good friend Debbie Stogden

A huge thank you to Helen Stevens for these pictures, she being one of the reasons that I laughed so much, she is a star.

I have had a few deliveries full of goodies this week.   Second time lucky for my glass bell jar, the first arrived not looking too pretty and in many pieces, it looks just peachy on the new green milk glass cake stand.

Isn’t this teapot just fantabulous, it is the most unusual shape.

Floral snippets of linen which make me smile

Had a lot of love for my new postcards, chuffed isn’t the word!

It was Valentine’s Day on Tuesday if you hadn’t noticed, last week I overloaded the blog with hearts a plenty.  Tuesday I filled teacups with chocolate hearts for my two lovelies.

I have had a little helper at Tea with Ruby this week, my Ruby is thoroughly enjoying her holidays and counting down the days to her birthday. Being 7 is ever so grown up don’t you know.  We have had fun cutting, sticking and making things together.

We made flowers


… and made a friend a birthday card

Ta da! Mini bunting, Ruby’s birthday cake is going to look a treat!

Roll on cake and birthday wishes ….

Jane x

2 thoughts on “Sherry Soiree, Deliveries & Making

  1. Better late than never but I hope you had a really good Birthday Ruby,
    from your Great Great Aunt Mad in Australia XXXXXXX[[[Hugs]]]]


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