Hearts a Plenty

On Tuesday it’s Valentines Day, the 14th February comes and goes without much fuss in the Day house.  We aren’t big on grand gestures of big boxes of chocolates, red roses or extremely bad cuddly toys; the thought makes me shudder actually.  We don’t need a specific day to tell each other that we love each other we just do anyway.

I do however like hearts, Mr Day’s included.  I have a few dotted around the house so here you go, I shall send you all a heart instead …

Well maybe I have more than a few, but many hearts means lots more love to go around.

Jane x

5 thoughts on “Hearts a Plenty

  1. Another great post Mrs Day :-) We are most definatley kindred spirits at heart … Oh how I love an ‘Anne of Green Gables’ reference.
    I, like you have lots of hearts (and love) to go around.

    Happy “V” Day my lovely friend xxx


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