Jottings, Blue & Random Things

There is no structure to this post what so ever this week just because that’s how the week has transpired!

I spent a happy half hour mooching in a charity shop when I should have been doing more important tasks, but what the heck I thought.  I came away with a bag filled with blue and white china and other odds and ends that cost a few pounds.  I always feel almost like I’m stealing, because when you get the items home and give them a good old clean, they look far more precious and expensive!

I was also invited to take part in this wonderful new venture ~ The Wedding Institute

My creative hat was put on straight away, my mind over running with ideas and images of how my area will look.  Thank goodness for Pinterest where initial jottings are pulled into one place without having to attack my precious magazines with the scissors (this may still happen I hasten to add).    Pinterest is one of my weaknesses or should I say addictions?  We all have them, it’s just like chocolate, Jenson Button  and watching ‘A Good Year’ so many times that you have totally forgotten that you’re not in a Châteaux in France with a vineyard!

Here are a few snippets of my mood board amour (work in progress)



I have many a book I can delve into for inspiration too, Vintage Flowers by Vic Brotherston is one of them at the moment, the vibrancy and brilliance of this book never ceases to enlighten my senses.

I had a mention at the weekend on this lovely blog  and I also found myself in a magazine on page 5 and 47.

Not a bad week all in all don’t you think?

Jane x

9 thoughts on “Jottings, Blue & Random Things

  1. just about to switch off my computer and thought – oh my it’s Friday – and you know what Friday means – Tea with Ruby’s blog day!!!!!! So here I am – and thank you for the mention – you will always have a life long mention with the wedding institute!!!!!!!!!! xx


  2. Stunning feature in the wedding institute mag – class and elegance – always a good combination. Tea with Ruby is heading for greatness.
    I wish we had the stately homes and refinements of heritage over here in Australia. In Queensland especially many of our architectural buildings are either neglected badly, not restored to former glory or in many cases just torn down. Tasmania however, is like a little England with a greater cultural awareness and therefore preserves their history with more thought than on the mainland. We must visit the UK again soon.
    It was Mum’s 80th on the weekend – I got a chance to use my beautiful silver service.
    Lovely to read your weekly blogs Jane. Love to you, Mr Day and Ruby xx
    Janice xx


  3. I love your Blog Jane , I got the Cuddle thankyou. Keep things going Jane you do a really good Job, the pictures are terrific.

    Aunt Mad xx


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