Domestic Goddess …

Oh how I wish I was, the phrase domestic goddess conjures up images of a perfectly pressed pinny, not a hair out of place, manicured nails and garden to boot and a home that is clean and sparkly at every moment.

If I squint a bit and keep the lighting low I can just about convince myself that my humble abode is that cottage in the country with acres of garden.  Of course I would have a cutting bed, vegetable plot and mini orchard, bee hives and chickens a plenty and maybe an odd duck!    I do sometimes dream that I am Sarah Raven, Carol Klien, Christina Strutt with an added pinch of Monty Don or dare I even say Hugh Fearnley Whitingstall all rolled into one.  Alas this of course is a very flowery dream; I live in suburbia.  My little plot though, minus the houses all around, is my haven; the recreation of living in the country but on a miniscule scale.

These are the things we got up to last weekend …

 Hovis tin love …

Weekly Bread

 marmalade a making…

Oranges and Lemons

Sliced peel

Marmalade in jars

 Drop scone a  scoffing…

Drop Scones

Cake a baking…

Apple and Ginger Cake

Over the last year we have given preserving a good old go with jams (some made with our very own plums which makes me feel rather smug!), chutneys and sloe gin for starters.



Sloe Gin

I have a book that tells me how to do it.  Even though half the things I can’t get by just stepping out of my back door, this does not prevent me from trying!

Preserving Handbook

We were given this fabulous book by my father in law along with lots of old demijohns, you never know home made wine this year?  Well I did grow up watching The Good Life!

Wine Making Manual

We even manage to keep two chickens, my lovely girls Petunia and Ariadne,  yes they are helping themselves to my lettuce!

Ariadne & Petunia

So maybe there is an inner domestic goddess trying to get out but without the manicure and pinny!

Jane x

7 thoughts on “Domestic Goddess …

  1. Fantastic! I only have one chicken now, its terribly sad but I can’t find any more of the breed I like ( Buff Pekin) luckily the neighbours chickens keep her company, lay eggs in my shed (and wreck my garden). My sloe gin is still brewing…. might have to have a vintage style sloe gin party! x


    1. I love my girls Kim! Tell me about the garden wrecking!! We have to broom of doom which they don’t like when we shove them out of the flower beds. Ohh a sloe gin party would be fabulous, all out of teacups of course!


  2. Fantastic blog! I love this and too aspire to be a domestic goddess. Have you tried making Elderflower cordial? I did this year for the first time and it was delicious and oh so easy to make. Felt a bit of a fraud coz it got lots of praise and ooh and ahhs from friends which wasnt really warranted! We even froze some and used it with champagne on Christmas Eve for a really reminder of Summer. If you want the recipe, let me know!
    Oh, and I failed at Marmalade – it didnt set properly – so I think you def are a domestic goddess!


    1. Thank you Tracey, I haven’t made elderflower cordial but I do have a Pam Corbin recipe, you’ll have to email me yours. My Ruby loves elderflower cordial. Love marmalade on home made bread yum!


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