New Treasures ~ Photo Shoot No 2 (still 38)

The weather this week has been rather cold and frosty but also very beautiful.  I have put these cold days to good use and made all my finds from last week clean and sparkly.  How very pretty and delicate this tea set is, I just had to give it a new home and lease of life.

New Treasure

I love embroidered table cloths, this one was hidden under a rather dishevelled pile of linens in an antique shop, it has spruced up a treat!

Pretty Things

I’ve been promising Ruby that I would make jelly for sometime now but of course being me, needed something rather grand to make it in.

Jelly Mould

I’m not one for surprises but these lovelies came in the post unexpectedly; one I thought would take longer to arrive, the other was a late birthday present that I had no idea about.  They both arrived on the same day, I was a happy girl.

Books and Teapots

Last week Tea with Ruby’s little teaspoons and sugar tongs had the  privilege of playing a tiny part in Vicky Trainor’s  photo shoot extravaganza.   I also had the honour of popping in on the day it took place to see geniuses at work.  Words can’t describe how fabulous it all looked, the colours and textures were breathtakingly beautiful.  I am looking forward with huge excitement to see the images created by Vicky and Becky Mitchell.  I’m lucky to be granted a few snippets to share on my little blog, thanks to the girls generosity.

This behind the scene shot was taken by the wonderfully talented Katie Byram.

Photo Shoot Snippet ~ Katie Byram Photography

Flower Filled Cups ~ Vicky Trainor

And finally, it’s marmalade making time in the Day house.  I plunged myself into the world of preserving last year.  I borrowed my mother in law’s pan and made my first ever batch of marmalade.  After her seal of approval I went full steam ahead and bought my very own pan and equipment.  The pan is dedicated to her we call it SID (her initials).   It has now made several batches of jam in varying flavours,  chutneys and now, more marmalade.


Hopefully you will see the results next week along with the tried and tested recipe that I use.  Happy days.

Jane x

11 thoughts on “New Treasures ~ Photo Shoot No 2 (still 38)

  1. All lovely and i guess I should dig out my jam pan and get marmalade making. In the lakes last weekend we went in the tiny church at Newlands where they had an honesty box and a table of marmalade…I haven’t tried it yet.


    1. I really can’t wait to see them Becky, I’m looking forward to the soiree on the 10th Feb! It will be marmalade madness this weekend it takes blooming ages to do! xxxx


  2. Another beautiful display in your Blog. You have some lovely China.

    Making Jelly for Ruby sounds good to me, can I give you a little tip. Dissolve the Jelly with just enough boiling water to melt it , then make the rest up with Lemonade, it gives it a little sparkle. I use Orangeade with Orange Jelly ect ect, I think you will get the picture, but it certainly makes it taste good.
    Sounds as if you have already got the Marmalade to a fine art. Love to everybody. XX


  3. you don’t happen to be making some lime marmalade do you – my favourite!!!

    Thank you so much for you lovely comment you left today on Love my Dress-you make me smile – you’re my new friend for life you are……xxxxx


    1. Alas its just with oranges this time, then again I might have my arm twisted for another batch!

      I couldn’t not leave a comment now could I!! Glad it made you smile, friends for life sounds good to me xxx


    1. Thank you so very much Mary. I do rather like a bit of fruit cake, if I lived closer I’d pop round for a slice in exchange for a jar of marmalade!


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