Photo Shoot No 1 ~ Birthday No 38

Well my little feet (not so little really) haven’t touched the ground over the last week.  I found myself turning up at Wynyard Hall with a box of Tea with Ruby china for it’s very first photo shoot.  I spent a fun morning chatting to photographers who took pictures of my beauties.  They are going to be featuring in the Wynyard Hall magazine which will be in print soon and I will be able to share the delights with you all.

Milk Jug & Sugar Bowls

Tea cups

The photographers were ever so kind as to let me wield Mr Day’s camera and take photographs of them too!


I celebrated my birthday this week too; it’s a funny time to have a birthday straight after Christmas but I enjoy it none the less.  Being one year older doesn’t worry me, I don’t feel any different to yesterday or the year before.  I’m not one to be coy or lie about my age either.  As you’ve probably guessed by the title of this post, I turned 38.  It doesn’t quite look right when you see it written down. Surely not!  How did that happen?  But I shall embrace it.  My 38th year of being me is going to be a good one, I just know it.

All my wonderful gifts seemed to have a dusky pink hue to them, perfect opportunity to take a picture don’t you think?

Pink Hue Basket

Poor Ruby wasn’t so happy to go to school on Tuesday knowing that Mr Day was having a day off from work to spend with me pootling around antique shops. Bribery with the promise of chocolate cake when she returned home did the trick.

Aren’t these the most pretty pieces of glass, I do so love the sparkle.



A tower of suitcases, I wanted them all.  They are so good for storage but are aesthetically pleasing.

Suitcase Tower

I have serious cupboard love, this one is fabulous, I wanted it badly but alas nowhere to put it in my lovely little house.

Cupboard Love

The first daffodils of the year to cheer one’s soul; spring is around the corner.

First Daffodils

Near the end of the day we had candles to blow out, only 3 (as 38 may have caused an inferno) and something pink and sparkly to sip whilst indulging in chocolate goo.


With Pink Fizz

A slice

This little label came with one of my birthday presents.

Pretty Things

I found it very fitting as I look at my kitchen table piled high with very pretty things that I brought home with me from my day trip.  I shall spruce them up so you can see them in all their glory next week.

Jane x

12 thoughts on “Photo Shoot No 1 ~ Birthday No 38

  1. oh my goodness – I totally forgot to say happy birthday to you on Wednesday (for Tuesday) – sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!!! Hoopy birfday for t’other day lovely laydee……

    Photo’s look fab by the way……


  2. Happy Belated Birthday Jane, I have one soon, a little bit older than you though. It sounds as if you had a good one. It will be Ruby’s turn for a Birthday soon too.
    The Photographs are great, will be good for business when the Magazineis published.
    Love to everybody
    Aunt Mad XX For Ruby XXXXXX


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