Holidays, Parties and an Exciting New Year

I do enjoy having a break in December to recharge those batteries and look forward to a bright and shiny New Year.  I know as I took those few days off my little blog was slightly neglected, but I’ve dusted off the glitter and tinsel for this weeks musings.

My holiday was filled with joy and laughter and I received many wonderful gifts.  Did I receive any that I previously wrote about in All I want for Christmas…. ? of course I did, Mr Day, Ruby and my lovely family came up trumps!

Boo has taken pride of place on the stair wall and mighty fine she looks too.  Silly old me got rather teary when I opened the parcel on Christmas morning and saw the familiar drawing.


Inspiring reading material is always a way to keep me happy, I adore books.

Beautiful Books

Something to keep me toasty on those cold winter nights and jewels to make me sparkle

Hot Water Bottle and Jewels

Of course I love wearing the necklace more than the hot water bottle!


My Aunt sent me the most glittery box filled with pretty vintage china what a beautiful gift don’t you think?

Box of China

On the big day itself Ruby received a camera, she was ever so excited. This is the pair of us taking one of her first photographs.

My Ruby

You always need to go for a good old walk in the holidays to blow away the cobwebs and to try to walk off that extra mince pie that you just couldn’t resist.

Walk in the Woods

A pan of hot chocolate was made to warm ourselves with and yes this is my new milk pan having its first outing and rather fine it is too.

Hot Chocolate and the Pan

I do love having friends and family around for dinner and what better time than at Christmas.  Setting the table is one of the best parts as I can get all my lovely china out of the cupboards to make my table sing.

Table Setting

Meakin Tureen


An array of  Tea with Ruby china was packed up and delivered to a little tea party of its own too.

Tea Party Essentials

New Years Eve came around far too quickly for my liking but we had fun none the less.  We decided no big parties this year, just the three of us snuggled up in our lovely home enjoying each others company.  A bottle of champagne was popped, it would have been rude not to.  Ruby didn’t miss out either; elderflower sparkles for her of course.


The new year has begun, here we are a whole week of January almost over already.   I’m not one for making resolutions as life always seems to surprise you no matter what your plans are.  Who would have thought I’d be writing a blog this time last January?  Definitely not I!  Let’s just hope that 2012 will be full of more surprises and adventures.

I did have a small adventure myself this week, I was invited to Wynyard Hall to take part in a photo shoot for their quarterly magazine.  This is a quick photograph of where it all took place.  It was most exciting but I shall divulge in more detail next week.

Boxes at the shoot

Happy New Year

Jane x

5 thoughts on “Holidays, Parties and an Exciting New Year

  1. I think you write a good interesting Blog, I will be able to followyou now.
    Tea with Ruby is Fascinating, I wish you well with it.
    Happy New year to you all.
    Ant Mad XXXx


    1. Thank you Clare, it is a joy when I know what I’m writing about is liked. I most certainly will follow your blog, anything vintagey and I’m hooked!

      Jane x


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