Teacups, Trees & Brown Paper

‘…the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in the hope that St Nicholas soon would be there‘  

an extract from ‘A Visit from St Nicholas’ by Clement C Moore

The Tea with Ruby house is now all dressed from Christmas, Ruby’s stocking is hanging in anticipation for Christmas Eve hoping that it will be filled.  The oranges dried well and have adorned every possible piece of greenery, they smell delicious.  I dare say more fruit of the citrus variety will appear in the coming week studded with cloves piled on a glass cake stand in the kitchen.

Sparkly Garland

Orange Jewels

We woke to an extremely busy day on Saturday, friends to see, wreaths to collect, a vintage fair to rummage around, Christmas tree to pick and a fish and chip lunch to squeeze in courtesy of my Mum and Dad.  The For the Love of Vintage Fair was a huge success, the beautiful hall was laden with loveliness and a warm atmosphere greeted you on arrival.  It was so busy Mr Day found it hard to take photographs.  If you want to see some of the delights please take a look at Debbie Stogden Photography, Debbie managed to capture many more.  The cakes in the café were our models for the day, looking delicious on Tea with Ruby cake stands, it warmed my heart seeing my china in use.

Tea with Ruby ~ For the Love of Vintage Fair


Fruit Cake

We then took a trip to Guisborough Forestry to choose the Christmas tree, every year I take an absolute age to make a decision much to Mr Day’s annoyance.  I more often than not pick the one that was first paraded in front of me.

Choosing the TreeYes that is me hiding behind the tree looking rather wind swept, I knew I should have worn a hat like Ruby!

Pretty Teacups

Once home I unwrapped the lovely gems I picked up at the fair, of course I couldn’t leave without at least one tea trio!

Beautiful WreathMy stunning wreath graces the front door, looking rather splendid, I can’t resist them so I have another one on the back door too.

The TreeThe tree was finally brought in to be decorated which always takes longer than expected, especially with Ruby helping, she did a good job don’t you think.


Now the house is wearing its festive party frock the wrapping of gifts can commence.  I have a love of wrapping presents in brown paper, a plain backdrop for an abundance of colourful ribbon, I have a large collection, I can’t resist picking up an odd spool here and there.


Le parfait jars are just perfect for filling with treats; be it chocolates or chutney. Well thought out hand made gifts are given with love and are hopefully the most cherished.

Alas this will be my last blog post of the year (then again I may sneak one in before New Year, you never know).  School breaks up for the holidays this coming Friday, time to be spent with Ruby and Mr Day and to enjoy the wonder that is the season to be jolly.  I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an even Happier New Year.  I am looking forward to bringing you more of my ponderings in 2012.

Jane x

2 thoughts on “Teacups, Trees & Brown Paper

  1. All your pictures really are very Christmas-y and that teacup trio is beautiful. Great to hear that the fair went well too :-) I’ve picked up our tree on Wednesday and it’s now waiting outside for Christmas eve.

    Well, seeing that this is your last post (maybe) before Christmas, I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and a wonderful new year. xo


    1. Thank you Carole,

      Hope you made it back from Southampton safe and sound. Have a lovely weekend and roll on Christmas Eve so you can decorate your tree!

      Merry Christmas lovely lady or should I say Joyeux Noel!

      Jane x


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