All I want for Christmas ….

All of a sudden Christmas is nearly upon us, its such an intoxicating time and I relish the magic moments that it brings.  The dilemma this year is how old should one be to stop making a list and succumb to the yearly box of shortbread biscuits and bath salts?   I always have and probably always will make a list, it mainly causes great amusement when my family get to see it as I am a bit on the eccentric side when it comes to gifts that will bring me joy.  Here are some of the things on my list this year…

The cutest rabbit to go on my gallery wall up the staircase from Belle and Boo


Papa Stour’s gorgeous Cherry red Fairisle hot water bottle to keep me toasty

Fairisle Hot Water Bottle

Here’s a couple of the quirky ones, I love kitchenalia, so vintage baking trays from RE are a must, how many pretty little pastries have these made in the past?  I’ve also got a  bit of a soft spot for enamel milk pots and Labour and Wait do a lovely one.

Vintage Baking Trays

Black Milk Pot

I want to start collecting vintage tins to put bits and bobs in so any from Mabel & Rose will be most welcome!

Beautiful vintage tin

I have been inspired this year by so many wonderful and talented people that it made me want to get crafty again, so this cross stitch cushion will do the trick from Granny Knits

Union Jack Cross Stitch Decorative Kit

I always have books on my list, I am working my way through all the classics, I have a few copies of Jane Austen’s novels but Persuasion and Northanger Abbey are missing, the Penguin Hardback Classics are pretty too.

Penguin Hardback Classics

Not forgetting my passion for interior books I have a few on there too.  Table Style ~ Liz Belton is stunningly beautiful and full of  inspirational ideas for Tea with Ruby.  Then a guilty pleasure book by Katherine Sorrell ~ The Vintage Modern Home which will be poured over with glee.

Table Style ~ Liz Belton

Of  course even after all the quirky and unusual wants a girl can never have enough Chanel No 5 it is my all time favourite.

Chanel No 5 Parfum

Then to finish it all off I have a wanton need for some sparkle from Rose & Aster, isn’t it the most fabulous find!

Crystal Collar Necklace

Do you think I will find any of them in my stocking this year?  Fingers crossed one or two may make an appearance, that’s if I’ve been good.

Jane x

7 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas ….

  1. Great list – I came across a lovely vintage baking tin (like on the photo) on a market last week…and didn’t buy it! WHY?! I don’t know and now I’m kicking myself! I hope Santa brings you everything on your list ;-) xo


    1. I do things like that all the time! I’m sure you’ll come across another one. I thought about
      you when I was in York yesterday, I walked passed the Habitat and that is closed too, so sad as
      it was a fabulous shop with a fabulous shop front. Hope your having a lovely time off
      in the run up to Christmas.

      Jane x


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