If on a Winters Night…

When the sun doesn’t rise high in the sky and the nights draw in all you want to do is curl up in front of a roaring fire wrapped in chunky blankets, glass of port in hand and read a good book.   Other nights you find your mind wandering to balmy summer days when you spend time in the garden, I am no horticultural goddess but I do like to potter in my little plot when the sun shines.

Bleeding Heart

This year we had a bounty of plums and of course they were made into delicious jam.


Beautiful Poppy


My girls love an explore in the garden and more often than not munch on a few of my plants!

My girls

Ruby's Sunflower

As my garden goes to sleep at this time of the year and everything has an earthy hue, my house seems to come alive with flowery blooms be it in print or in a vase.  It somehow brightens those dark days of winter and reminds you that spring isn’t that far away.


Inside of my coat

Cushion Love

Bright Blooms

Floral Bunting and Butterflies

Macs and Laundry Bags

Dressing Gowns


Flowery jugs

Pretty Teacup

When mid winter is finally here you can still see a little sunshine even in a teacup.

Jane x

3 thoughts on “If on a Winters Night…

    1. Thank you my lovely, I’m a lucky girl. Oh for the love of a boot room, I agree with your
      husband but alas I don’t have one but crave one!!! I do have chickens though if that’s a

      Jane x


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