All the Fun at the Fair….

I do like a nice Sunday drive out into the countryside especially when there is a vintage fair at the end of it, and that’s exactly what we did at the weekend.

The venue for the Past 2 Present fair was the scenic Whinstone View on the outskirts of Great Ayton, North Yorkshire held in a marquee in the grounds all put together by the wonderful Becky Mitchell from For the love of.

The marquee at Whinstone View

Pretty Stalls

The stalls were brimming with curiosities and china, I was like a child in a sweetie shop.  There were far too many things that I wanted to give a new home to and things that got away that I wish I had purchased.

Good Enough for Carol ~ Bits and Bobs

Good Enough for Carol ~ Dainty Glasses

The Sitting Room Vintage Collection ~ Teacups

The Sitting Room Vintage Collection

I think Ruby had more fun than I did, she even helped wrapping up behind Good Enough for Carol’s stall.

Good Enough for Carol ~ Rachael's little helper

I met friends old and new and had a good natter with the lovely Vicky Trainor of the Vintage Drawer, her beautiful vintage inspired stationary, linens, brooches, bookmarks and many other fabulous things are a joy to behold.

The Vintage Drawer ~ Nattering with the lovely Vicky Trainor

I arrived home with bags and parcels a plenty that have now been opened, sorted and have a new home in the Tea with Ruby China Cabinet so that you can enjoy them too by hiring them for your own event.

Wonderful Packages


My haul

Paragon Teapot

Pinks and Blues

Vintage Drawer ~ Love Brooch

Not forgetting Mr Day, he came home with something too, a fun little candle boat  that can whiz around our bath to its hearts content.

Pop Pop Boat

If you were unlucky enough to miss this fair at Great Ayton don’t despair you don’t have long to wait until the next For the Love of event on the 10th December.

For the Love of ~ 10th December 2011

This day will be extra special in our house, not only will we be going to this delectable fair, I shall be preparing our home for Christmas, beautiful wreaths to be collected and the Christmas tree to be bought and decorated, most exciting.

Of  course I will write  more about this in the coming weeks.

Jane x

2 thoughts on “All the Fun at the Fair….

    1. Dear Dorothy,

      It was a good day, I love vintage fairs and they are far and few between here so I grab the chance when one comes up! Next one is on the 10th December, so I shall be all festive buying my bits and bobs for Christmas, wreaths and the tree, good food and hopefully an odd teacup or beautiful find.

      Jane x


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