Interior Inspiration and Beautiful Books

After last week’s post telling you about my collection of all things white I also need to own up to the ever growing piles of interior magazines and vintage inspired interior books.  I know I spoke before of the house being too small to accommodate my collections but every surface that isn’t home to a jug is instead filled with literature.

When I get a moment I like nothing better than to curl up and indulge in beautiful homes and interiors, some that have faded grandeur others overflowing with vintage charm.  I have quite a love of interiors and studied interior design for a while, I can spend many hours cheerfully making moodboards.

Bookshelf Books

Living Room Chapel Chair

Telephone Stack

Hall Coat Rack

Bedrooms Drawers

2nd Bedroom Drawers

That’s not all of them either, the big white chest of drawers from last week is slowly being filled too.  I just can’t help myself I adore them and I doubt the passion will fade, you should see my Christmas list!

Jane x

PS ~ See, I just couldn’t help myself and purchased this stunning book, before Christmas too!   It is too delicious not to read, I shall spend many happy moments curled up with this one.

Vintage Flowers

3 thoughts on “Interior Inspiration and Beautiful Books

  1. I could have written that post! In fact I think I did write something VERY similar some time ago as I too have a big collection of interiors books, far too many magazines and have studied spatial (aka interior) design for a while… Great post :-) Love from London xo


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