All Things White

I bought my first white jug many moons ago when I was setting up our home.  Now the white jug bug has well and truly bitten.  I can’t help myself and don’t really have any more room in my little house to put them.   Whenever I go on holiday I always come back with one, if not another vintage mirror or white ceramic bowl (you can never have too many bowls).

Burleighware Jug

Here are a few more from the ever growing collection, every room has one.

Kitchen Utensils

Small Burleighware Jug

A gathering of jugs

Fireplace Jug

Gyp in a jug

Large Enamel Jug

Modern White Jug

Ruby has her very own too, always filled with pretty flowers.

Ruby's Jug

There’s even one in the bathroom.

Little Jug

It isn’t just  jugs,  my love of white doesn’t end there, warm fluffy white towels, crisp white bedding, vintage French linens , old painted drawers the lists goes on and on, here are few more of my favourites.

Flour Dredger

Bowls in bowls in bowls

Burleighware hen to keep my girls Petunia and Ariadne’s egg in.

Burliegh Ware Hen

This is my Caroline Zoob teapot it makes a fantastic cup of tea.

Caroline Zoob Teapot

Angel Wings

French linen is a weakness too (as you have probably gathered I have a few), this gorgeous monogrammed sheet I found in one of my favourite places Antiques and Tat in Marlborough.  Actually rather a lot of my collection has been acquired here, you can never come away empty handed.

Old Linen

I adore my white hall, it seems to sparkle when the sun shines and has a warm glow when the lights are dimmed.

The white hallway

White Picture Frame, White Bed

White Frame

This chest of drawers was a russet colour, couldn’t have that could we so out came the white paint.

Chest of Drawers

The jugs are not the only things to multiply in the Day house, it seems that I never want to throw things away, wait until you see my next post!

Jane x

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