Autumn Holidays and the Elusive Pastry Forks – Part 1

Half term holidays are ones that I relish, the colours that delight: auburns, russets and mauves all a feast for the eyes.  The bright blue skies that deceive as your nose gets cold.

Blue Sky ~ Cold Nose (Stokesley High Street)

We seldom go away for this break but stay at home, enjoying being together and doing things as a family.  Ruby and I indulged in a spot of baking, even making seed cakes for the birds in our garden.

Ginger Biscuits

Bird Cakes

Mr Day had a moment to fix my flour bin that I purchased back in the summer, it is now taking pride of place in the living room reinvented as a coffee table.

Flour Bin ~ Coffee Table

As the weather has been rather pleasant a walk or outing is always on the cards, coats and scarves hung in anticipation on the coat rack in the hall.

Our Coat Rack

We paid a visit to Durham city one afternoon, if you go to Durham you just have to have a walk around the Cathedral as it is most beautiful.  Ruby decided to complete one of the fantastical creatures trails on the hunt for mystical beasts and gargoyles, of course I couldn’t help but try to find them too.   I went on a hunt myself around the charity shops trying to find some pastry forks for Tea with Ruby but alas I came away empty handed.

Fugitive Knocker

Wonderful Door

Ruby in Harry Potter Cloister

I did manage to come away with some treasures of the vintage variety.

Stokesley Finds

These are not all the gems that I found this week but you’ll have to read Part 2 to find out if I found the elusive pastry fork.

Jane x

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