Autumn Holidays and the Elusive Pastry Fork – Part 2

For the eagle eyed few who noticed a festive robin appearing on one of the photos in Part 1, yes I know its Autumn but I just can’t resist Christmas decorations, especially when the shops are starting to be filled with all things Noël.

Willow Reindeer

The lovely fat robin in question is Burt, Ruby and I bought him to hang on our tree this coming December, most things get named in the Day house.

Burt the Robin

We decided on a trip to Barnard Castle for the day as we hadn’t been for quite some time.  It is the most wonderful market town full of magical treasure troves that make my heart beat that little bit faster.  As a treat we had  mugs of hot chocolate and toasted teacakes in a quaint tea room, all very Miss Marple.

Tea cakes

The discovery of the day was the wonder that is Robson’s Antiques.  I couldn’t contain my excitement at this fabulous establishment.  I was in heaven wandering from room to room stacked to the rafters with everything that you could possibly think of, sheer bliss.  Another fantastic find is The Mission Hall Antiques Centre which happens to be a stone’s throw from Robson’s.

Mission Hall

Robson's Antiques


Vintage Treasure

Did I find the elusive pastry fork I hear you ask?  Well of course I did and a few other bits and bobs that I couldn’t leave behind.

Pastry Forks

Vintage Treasure

Alas this post will go out before Halloween but on Sunday a visit to Home Farm in Newby Wiske will be had to enjoy their pumpkin day.  So guess what I’ll be doing that evening, carving tools in hand?

Jane x

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