Welcome to Tea with Ruby

Well this is my very first blog post. Nervous? Yes – as so many people make it look so easy, but as I read this week in a blog interview by Your Vintage Life with Betty Bee, talk about what I know so here goes!

Over the last few months I have been setting up my business Tea with Ruby and finally the day has come to press that button and send it out into the world.   I am slowly learning that networking is key so have found myself addicted to Twitter and Facebook and telling anyone who is willing to listen about the delights of vintage china.

I guess the hard work starts here and I’m most excited about what lies ahead, the best part about my new adventure involves lots of scouring interesting places for pretty things that make me get giddy and smile a lot!

So this post is just a quick welcome for launch day,  Friday is going to be my day for telling you of all my curiosities, I do hope you can join me and today is bonus day, I have been busy and written another post, come back to see it later.

Wish me luck

Jane x

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Tea with Ruby

  1. I am so very excited for you and your a natural with the blog. Look forward to hearing more about Tea with Ruby. You will be a HUGE success because you love what your doing and it shows. Good Luck on your new Venture Jane!!!!


  2. Gosh Jane thats nice of you to day that! I do mine first thing (after kids are up and gone) and the diary after they’ve gone to bed….diary every day and posts Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri and Sun…thats only 2 days off! good luck, i look forward to them x


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