Brownies and Slides

The title of this post maybe a bit misleading, I’m not going to write about Brown Owls or Girl Guides, chocolate loveliness or things that you wear in your hair.

My husband the lovely Mr Day called in to see his Dad, when he returned home that evening he was brandishing finds of the past.  He knew that somewhere at his parents house there were old cameras a plenty and he managed to find some, along with a box of slides and a ‘super viewer’.

This one is my favourite and Ruby’s too, Mr Day is going to see if he can get it to work, can you imagine the gorgeous fuzzy around the edges photos it will take.

Brownie 127

The Brownie Six-20 Model F

Brownie Model F

The Folding Brownie Six – 20

Folding Brownie Six-20

Mr Day and I spent a happy evening going through the box of delights that was full of slides, we did giggle and reminisce into the early hours.  It made our childhood seem so vivid and nostalgic.


Super Viewer

How wonderful is this slide, the most stunning photograph of my mother in law Sheila, who I miss dearly and my sister in law Sarah, who I adore.

Sheila and Sarah

Ruby couldn’t wait to have a play with these treasures and spent a happy morning in her pj’s playing at being a photographer, a future career maybe?

Ruby and the Brownie

Ruby and the Super Viewer

Jane x

2 thoughts on “Brownies and Slides

  1. Love the old camera’s. I just went to visit a friend and she had some old camera’s too that she had kept from her Father. We were trying to find out if they were worth anything. If you know of any good sites to check that, let me know. The picture of your MOL and Sarah are beautiful. I love old photographs. It was hard to tell for me, but it seems that Ruby looks a lot like Sarah in that picture.


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